Poppy-R : Cherry wood


22cm x 26cm x 50cm(h)


We are committed to designing and selling furniture made entirely from natural wood. There are no furniture items in our catalogue which use harsh chemicals. Our signature item, Poppy-R, is made just so. Just like the energy infused mental state of the poppy flower, a lot of young children can be a little ‘crazy’ at times. The Poppy-R chair is a thinking chair, refreshing young minds and offering their parents a little relief. The ‘R’ stands for rabbit; you can’t miss the chair’s cute design, with its back in the shape of lopsided bunny ears and a sweet smile underneath its seat. 


Poppy-R | CHERRY

  • Poppy-R is made entirely from natural wood, using no harsh chemicals. This material is very sensitive to humidity, so make sure to protect this product appropriately. The chair is very fragile and susceptible to mold, fungus and splintering if not treated correctly. Children should be discouraged from tilting the chair over its back legs to avoid injury, as Poppy-R may easily lose balance and tip backwards.