'An Angel is coming down' Gift Set.

Korean style newborn clohtes is called 'BeNetJeoGoRi'

We are packging in wooden box and gift packaging


We have decided not to dye our fabrics, since that wastes a lot of water and natural dye fades after a few washes. Instead, we design our clothes with unique embroidered designs and inventive forms; only producing garments using the original colour of the organic cotton fabric. For example, our Angel collection has elaborate wings on the back, and our hope is that parents will select a piece from this collection as the baby’s first garments. This line takes inspiration from ‘Benet jeogori’, which is the traditional Korean style clothing for newborn babies. 

We realise that once a baby starts to walk, parents are likely looking for more colourful clothing. This is why we only produce clothes for babies under 12 months, in order to stay true to our belief in sustainability and care for the environment. 


Our design and packaging is paramount to creating that luxury feel of a product, as we aim to make parents feel delighted to both give and receive the gift of our brand. One of our most popular packaging is the wooden gift box, made entirely from paulownia natural wood. Our intention was to provide a place for parents to keep first memories of their baby, such as their first garments, the pregnancy test, umbilical cord, etc.

An Angel is coming down Gift Set: Korean Style Newborn Clothes : 'BeNetJeoGoRi'

  • 100% Organic Cotton. : GOTS certification

    OEKO-TEX certification.